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CTG’s Kunming Control Center passes water and electricity control system testing



China Three Gorges Corporation’s (CTG) Kunming Control Center passed a series of checks on June 4, indicating that it can now be safely used to remotely operate the control of the Wudongde and Baihetan cascade hydropower stations.

CTG held onsite preliminary acceptance checks for the center’s automated water and electricity control systems, with experts unanimously agreeing that the systems passed all contract and specification requirements.

As one of the cascade control centers for the Three Gorges-Jinsha River downstream cascade reservoirs, Kunming center is responsible for the remote control of Wudongde and Baihetan dams.

The automated cascade control system in Kunming plays a significant role in realizing coordinated operation of the six Three Gorges-Jinsha River downstream cascade reservoirs. It is a technical support platform and an integral part of the coordinated operation system for the cascade dams.

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