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CTG-operated Wudongde hydropower plant achieves 945m impoundment



The reservoir of Wudongde hydropower plant, operated by China Three Gorges Corp (CTG), reached the phase-two impoundment goal of 945 meters on June 4, completing the task on schedule for the plant’s upcoming commissioning of the first batch of power units in early July.

Impoundment at the reservoir consists of three phases. The target for phase one was an impoundment level of 895 meters, which was achieved by the end of January. Phase two commenced in May and took one month to reach an inactive storage of 945 meters, the minimum level required for the operation of hydraulic turbines. As per the schedule, the third phase of impoundment will be conducted in steps, first reaching 958 meters in August before going up to 965 meters in October.

The latest impoundment is a critical milestone in the construction of the Wudongde hydropower plant project, which will mark the establishment of another major reservoir on the Jinsha River.

The plant will be mainly used for power generation and flood mitigation, driving local economic and social development. The project, capable of seasonal regulation, supports a storage capacity of 5.86 billion cubic meters, an impoundment level of 975 meters and an anti-flood storage capacity of 2.44 billion m3.

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